Advancing Eyecare™ Alliance.  Learn More
Advancing Eyecare™ Alliance. Learn More

Marco Lombart Offers Multiple Financing Options
Through Advancing Eyecare™

Take advantage of our various structures designed to meet your budget and equipment ownership goals.

We make it easier than ever to obtain the equipment you need.

Terms up to 84 months

Affordable Rates

Special Incentives

Benefits of Advancing Eyecare™ Finance

Great Products, Dependable Service, and Attractive Financing Options

One Stop Shopping

Everything you may want or need can be provided under the Advancing Eyecare umbrella.

Low Payments

AE Finance offers low payments that meet most budgetary needs.

Quick Response

Obtain what you need today simply and easily.

Flexible Terms

Let us create a term and payment plan that works for you. We offer operating leases, technology leases, $1.00 purchase leases, and term loans.

100% Financing

100% financing with $0 down, and 0 payments in advance.

No Penalty Payoff

After the first 24 payments, pay off at any time for the principal balance only.

Tax & Accounting Benefits

Tax advantage of up to 100% tax deduction while financing your purchase. Consult a tax advisor regarding your Section 179 tax benefits.

From applications to funding, we make it easy. Contact us to learn about current financing rates and specials. We’re here to help.

Free shipping is only available for online orders in the continental United States.
Certain exclusions apply. 

Exclusions include, but are not limited, to the following products:

Acuity Systems & Projectors, Chair & Stand Accessories, Autorefractors, Lensmeters, Keratometers, Portable Slit Lamps, Stools, Tables, Tonometers, Trial Lens Sets.