Craftsman Cube Tool & Supply Kit

Brand: Sios

SKU: OG5SA01674C

The Craftsman Cube Tool & Supply Kit is the ultimate kit that includes everything you need for optical from screwdrivers to pliers all stored in 4 organizational cubes.

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Lab Modular System Craftsman Cube Kit. A fresh new way to organize your optical lab workspace, increase efficiency and enhance professionalism. This innovative color-coded design is engineered to quickly identify the right tools and frame parts for the job at hand. It includes 4 Organizational Cubes, 19 Frame Parts Tray Kits, Spring Hinge Tool Kit, 26-pc Plier Set w/ Stands, Screwdriver & Nutdriver Sets, Third Hand, Portable Clavulus, 4-pk AR Markers, and Assorted Silicone Working Aides.