Haag-Streit 870 Applanation Tonometer

Brand: Haag-Streit

SKU: TO0HS870_

The Haag-Streit 870 Applanation Tonometer is designed to fit lower illumination style slit lamps.

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$2,527.00 - $2,677.00


The Haag-Streit 870 Applanation Tonometer is a powerful accessory to slit lamps that offers high accuracy tonometry with an average deviation of any single examination less than .5 mm Hg. The application of the Goldman method means that IOP measurements can be taken as part of a routine examination while the patient is at the slit lamp.

The Applanation Tonometer 870 is to be mounted over the microscope of the slit lamp. The feeler arm protrudes from above into the path of the microscope and the illumination unit. The Tonometer is ready for use with a single swing movement.

Disposable tonometer prisms (such as Tonosafe™) or resusable Goldmann measuring prisms can be used with all Haag-Streit tonometers.

(Please note: alcohol on the prism will void warranty)