Haag-Streit Octopus 900 Pro Perimeter (Pre-Owned)

Brand: Haag-Streit


The used Haag-Streit Octopus 900 Pro perimeter offers all-in-one testing from onset to progression to end stage disease.

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Addressing all major perimetry needs, the Pre-Owned Octopus 900 is the perimeter of choice for anyone who wants diagnostic flexibility to analyse, assess and track patients’ visual fields.

It makes it possible to run standard central and peripheral visual fields with minimum test duration, seamlessly integrated into your practice environment. This supports high patient throughput and effective practice management. With its built-in reliability features, the Octopus 900 is easy-to-use and delivers results you can trust. 


  • Disease based programs with Octopus Glaucoma(G) & Macula(M) programs. Capable of doing 24-2, 30-2 & 10-2 programs
  • TOP Strategy for results in less than 3 minutes per eye. Also includes Dynamic & Normal Strategies
  • 100% reliability regarding fixation with Octopus Fixation Control
  • Full 90-degree static tests, including: Estermann & Blepharoptosis
  • 1 isopter III4e Goldmann Kinetic test
  • EyeSuite Global Trend Progression Analysis, as well as, Cluster & Polar Trend Analysis
  • Remote database capability for shared viewing station
  • Separate computer, monitor, printer & wheelchair accessible table
  • Manual & semi-automated Goldmann Kinetic testing
  • Custom Static testing
  • Blue/Yellow (SWAP), Flicker & Red/White methods


Octopus 900 Specs