Hand Edger w/ Sensor

Brand: Sios

SKU: OG0SA05110

The Hand Edger with Sensor automatically starts working the diamond wheel when the user is near.

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The hand edger with sensor from Sios Optical is uniquely designed to save energy and extend the life of the product. The special sensor detects the operator’s proximity, triggering the diamond wheel to automatically start rotating. When no movement is detected, the diamond wheel stays idle. The diamond wheel is a dual grit with an H.A.B. profile for bevel touch-up / handwork. Additionally, the unit has a self-contained water recirculating system with filter that keeps the water clean and avoids the risk of a water pump blockage. Water can be delivered to the diamond wheel by utilizing the water valve depending on the amount of water needed. The built-in sponge eliminates any water overspray, and the water tray can be easily removed for periodic maintenance. Features: Removeable upper water tank. Hand valve for water flow regulation. Internal water tray with tail pipe. Wheel can be set to rotate in either direction. Includes one cleaning stick. Specifications: Power supply: 110V 50 HZ. Size: 220 x 360 x 280 mm. Weight: 8 kg