Heine Beta4 USB Li-Ion Rechargeable Handle

Brand: Heine

SKU: HI0HE00799388FG_

Charge your Heine BETA 4 USB Li-Ion Rechargeable Handle with any USB plug or other USB power source with absolute peace of mind.

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$309.00 - $327.00


The Heine Beta4 USB Rechargeable Handle includes Li-ion rechargeable battery, BETA4 USB bottom insert, USB cord with medical-approved, plug-in power supply and handle rest.  Available with AV or Twist Lock (TL)

  • Maximum safety and flexibility: You can charge your HEINE BETA4 USB Handle with any USB plug or other USB power source, with absolute peace of mind. The integrated, exclusive Galvanic Separation Module protects the handle, and the user, even if a faulty or inferior plug is used, preventing the possibility of the full mains voltage flowing directly to the handle.
  • Li-ion technology: no “memory effect”. Charge your handle how you like without worrying about charge level or battery condition.
  • High capacity: more than double the capacity compared to previous NiMH rechargeable batteries.
  • Quick charge: approx. 4 hours to recharge. High quality metal construction for strength and durability.

Manufacturer Part Number: X-007.99.388, X-007.99.388TL