Innova ProVideo Classic Premium Visual Acuity and Video System



Innova’s ProVideo Classic visual acuity system is both clinically accurate and easy to use, making your exam faster while reducing reworks.

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The Innova ProVideo Classic visual acuity and video system provides your ophthalmology practice with an easily customizable and upgradable platform for visual acuity testing. Featuring the ability to easily add charts and program your exam routine, the Innova ProVideo Classic gives you maximum flexibility, accuracy, and reliability.




  • Easily add charts
  • Program your exam routine
  • Add your preferred videos for children or patient education
  • Add vision quality tests, including threshold distance stereo, color vision testing, cone function testing, and calibrated contrast sensitivity testing
  • Easily interface with a TopCon or Nidek Auto-Phoropter


  • Dell 24” All-In-One platform with 3-year warranty
  • Lifetime software license