Marco Tonoref II ARK with Tonometry

Brand: Marco


The Marco Tonoref II autorefractor and keratometer with non-contact tonometer, provides fast, highly accurate, and reliable measurements with significantly reduced measurement time.

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The Marco Tonoref II combines the technologies of autorefractor, keratometer, and non-contact tonometer into one highly accurate, space-saving device. The Tonoref II presents several enhanced features such as a smaller footprint, to save even more space, and a new exterior design, but most importantly, the Tonoref II now uses SLD (Super Luminescent Diode) and a highly sensitive CCD device to provide Zonal Ring-Image Technology. This makes it possible to now accurately measure patients with cataracts, corneal opacities, IOLs, and post LASIK.


  • Three measurements in one: autorefractor, keratometer, and non-contact tonometer (NCT)
  • Super Luminescent Diode (SLD) for improved image quality
  • Accommodation measurement
  • Large pupil zone imaging method
  • Double mire ring method keratometry measurements
  • Advanced APC (automatic pressure control) provides a softer puff of air while maintaining accuracy
  • Motorized chinrest
  • 5.7-inch tiltable color LCD monitor
  • Easy-load printer
  • Data easily transferred to EMR/EHR

Fully Automatic System

The Tonoref II’s Eyetracking System provides X, Y, Z axes tracking for superior alignment and focusing. It initiates automatic measurement at the optimum measurement point.

Automatic fogging minimizes accommodation and maintains fog through all measurement readings.

Accurate Refraction

  • Pupil Zone Imaging Method for refraction measurement analyzes a wider area (max 4mm diameter) to provide more reliable data.
  • Small Pupil Zone Measurement allows the Tonoref II to measure through a puplil as small as 2mm in diameter.
  • Super Luminescent Diode (SLD) and a highly sensitive CCD device enable sharper, clearer images than LED. The brighter illumination can better read through media opacities, providing a more consistent, reliable measurement even with challenging patients.

Mire Ring for Keratometry

The Mire Ring Method enables simple, quick screening and detecting of corneal surface abnormalities.

Comfortable Tonometry Measurement

The Tonoref II ARK with Tonometry has an advanced APC (Automatic Pressure Control). The high-volume, low-pressure puff function provides a softer puff of air for accurate IOP measurements with increased patient comfort. It automatically adjusts the strength of the air puff based on the first measurement of the patient’s IOP (including glaucoma suspects).

Additionally, the non-contact tonometer provides a simple aseptic method for taking pressures. The automatic NCT measurements are operator independent. Training is quick and easy.

Convenient, Tilting Monitor

The 5.7-inch color monitor can be tilted for easy operation. If the operator needs to stand to lift the patient’s eyelid, the monitor can still be viewed.


Sphere –30.00D to +25.00D (V.D. =12mm), (0.01/0.12/0.25D increments)
Cylinder 0D to ±12D (0.01/0.12/0.25D increments)
Axis 0° to 180° (1°/5° increments)
Minimum Measurable Pupil Diameter 2mm
Chart Scenery Chart (balloon target)
Radius Curvature 5.00 to 13.00mm (0.01mm increments)
Corneal Refractive Power 25.96D to 67.50D (n=1.3375), (0.01/0.12/0.25D increments)
Auto Track & Automatic Data Capture X-Y-Z direction, Automatic Data Capture
PD Measurable Range 30.00mm to 85.00mm (indication increments: 1mm)
Corneal Size (CS) 8.1mm–14.6mm (indication increments: 0.1mm)
Pupil Size (PS) 0.8mm–12.1mm (indication increments: 0.1mm)
Non-Contact Tonometer
Measurement Range 1mm Hg to 60mm Hg
Measurement Range Settings APC40, APC60 (APC=Automatic Puff Control) 40, 60 Standard PC p uff does not automatically adjust
Working Distance 11.0mm
Eye Fixation Inner Fixation Light
Auto Track & Automatic Data Capture X-Y-Z direction, Automatic Data Capture