Marco TS-610 Tabletop Refractor & Chart System

Brand: Marco

SKU: TS-610-P

The unique Marco TS-610 tabletop refraction system simulates a 20-foot lane, making it perfect for small exam rooms.

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The Marco TS-610 Tabletop Refractor & Chart System is an innovative refraction system with chart and TRS-6100 refractor integrated into one compact device. This automated instrument not only saves space, but also facilitates quicker refractions, allowing you to see more patients or simply spend more quality time discussing their diagnosis.


  • Versatile, compact 2′ x 2′ footprint with simple installation
  • Take measurements from either side and for seated or standing patients
  • Includes all charts needed for both near and distance vision testing
  • Intuitive, ergonomic remote touchscreen with keyboard allows simple, one-handed operation
  • Save frequently used charts for easy access
  • Programmed monocular fogging for reduced accommodation
  • Larger forehead rest range of 25±2mm accommodates more patients

Compact & Versatile

Are you low on space? That’s no problem for the TS-610! The 2’ x 2’ unit can fit in your smallest exam room and its advanced technology simulates a full 20’ lane.

Sophisticated Refraction

The Marco TS-610 tabletop digital refractor offers fast, accurate exams. The built-in chart system includes all the charts you need for both near and distance vision measurements. Plus, the programmed monocular fogging reduces accommodation and allows for more realistic refractions with both eyes open.

Intuitive Controls

Operate your TS-610 digital refractor with one hand using the ergonomic keyboard and large 10.4” color LCD touchscreen. Measurements can be taken from either side of the unit and the patient can be tested in a sitting or standing position.


Chart Type T, UK, M, P, PhM, C
Refraction Distance Distance: 5 m, Near: 40 cm
Mask Horizontal line, Vertical line, Single letter
Filter Red / Green
Binocular vision test Red-green, Prism
Display 10.4-inch Color LCD
Printer High Speed Line Printer
The Refractor Head Vertical Motion Unit Is At The Bottom 446 (W) x 520 (D) x 763 (H) mm
17.6 (W) x 20.5 (D) x 30.0 (H) in
The Refractor Head Vertical Motion Unit Is At The Top 446 (W) x 487 (D) x 907 (H) mm
17.6 (W) x 19.2 (D) x 35.7 (H) in
Mass 34.3 kg, 75.6 lbs
Standard Accessories Forehead Rest, Face Shields, VD Check Adapter, Stylus Pen, Printer Paper, Dust Cover, Power Cord, Cover Plate, Cap, Screw, Hexagonal Wrench, Phillips Screwdriver, Communication Cable
Optional Accessories Eye Care card, Wireless LAN module, Magnetic card reader, Barcode scanner, Memory box, LAN cable, Control console tray, Control console – printer adapter
Measurable range Sphere: -29.00 to +26.75 D (0.12/0.25/0.50 to 3.00 D increments)
-19.00 to +16.50 D (cross cylinder test, prism test)
Cylinder: 0.00 to ±8.75 D (0.25/1.00/2.00/3.00 D increments)
Axis: 0 to 180º (1º/5º/15º increments)
PD: 48 to 80 mm, 54 to 80 mm (100% convergence possible PD)
Prism: 0 to 20Δ (0.1 / 0.5 / 2Δ increments)
Visual Field 40º (VD = 12 mm), 39º (VD = 13.75 mm)
Forehead Rest Adjustment 25±5 mm
Vertex Distance Marking 12, 13.75, 16, 18, 20 mm
Level Adjustment ±2.5°
Refractor Arm Electrically-Driven
Up-&-Down Of Refractor Arm 190 mm
Cross Cylinder Lens ±0.25, ±0.50, ±0.25 D auto cross
Occluder Available
Pinhole Plate ø2 mm
Red / Green Filter Right Eye: Red, Left Eye: Green
PD check lens Available
Fixed Cross Cylinder Lens ±0.50 D (fixed with the Axis set at 90º)
Spherical Lenses For Retinoscope 0/+1.5/+2.0 D (selectable by setting)
Red Maddox Rod Right Eye: Horizontal, Left Eye: Vertical
Dissociation Prism Right eye: 6ΔBU / Left eye: 10ΔBI
Dissociation prism for binocular balance Right eye: 3 to 10ΔBD / Left eye: 3 to 10ΔBU
Dissociation prism for horizontal phoria Right eye: 3 to 10ΔBU / Left eye: 3 to 10ΔBD
Dissociation prism for vertical phoria Right eye: 5 to 15ΔBI / Left eye: 5 to 15ΔBI
Fixed cross cylinder & dissociation prism for horizontal phoria Right eye: 3 to 10ΔBU / Left eye: 3 to 10ΔBD
Binocular open fogging 0.00 to +9.00 D
Power Supply AC 100 to 240 V, 50 / 60 Hz
Power Consumption 200 VA