Reliance Model 3000 Chair (Pre-Owned)

Brand: Reliance


The used Haag-Streit Reliance 3000 exam chair features a manually reclining back up to 90 degrees and pump hydraulic base that can be easily raised using the foot pedal.

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The Haag-Streit Reliance 3000 exam chair’s ergonomic design ensures comfort and ease of access with adjustable padded headrests, foot bar and armrests that safely support the patient’s weight, armrests rotate up to allow easy access for patients, and rotation lock enables easy access to patients with 360 degree rotation.


  • When reclined, the chair tilts over axis to save space for small examlination lanes.
  • Power hydraulic lift base controlled by foot or side switches.
  • Adjustable concave headrest that can be locked in place with one hand.
  • High or low base model options.
  • Available in 14 standard colors.