Santinelli LE-1000 Patternless Edger (Pre-Owned)

Brand: Santinelli International


The pre-owned (used) Santinelli LE-1000 Patternless Edger offers a user-friendly solution for quality in-office lens finishing.

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The Santinelli LE-1000 Patternless Edger delivers the ease of use, accuracy, and superior quality the industry has come to expect.  

All Santinelli Certified Pre-Owned Edgers are refurbished by the experts at Santinelli International and include free installation and training. Includes warranty, covering parts, labor, and shipping. Please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery.

Product may differ from image based on availability. Please contact us for details. All pre-owned and demo products are subject to availability.


  • Heavy-Duty, Durable Mechanism – The LE-1000 is designed with the most advanced CAD (Computer Aided Design) components. A direct drive gear system maintains cylindrical axis with every cut. Size is controlled by a newly designed Y-axis direct drive assembly with a specialized servo motor, achieving consistent high precision results. An integrated stabilizer keeps the chucking pressure consistent, yet without harming lens coatings. Together, these components result in a heavy-duty, durable mechanism.
  • Grooving & Safety Beveling – The LE-1000 features a specially designed grooving wheel, which achieves a superior groove quality with “pin-point” accuracy. A reduced grooving wheel diameter, set at the optimal angle, grooves highly
    curved lenses flawlessly. A newly designed safety beveling wheel provides accurate and consistent design and appearance of safety bevel on any lens. Safety bevel, either on front and rear, or rear only, is selectable.
  • High Efficiency Spindle Motor – With its direct drive main motor and wheel spindle, the LE-1000 offers extremely high
    reliability. In terms of electricity consumption, this motor is significantly efficient compared to general A/C motors.
  • Reduced Water Volume – Typically, when a lens edger is connected to direct water, there is a large amount of water consumption. But with the LE-1000, the amount of water used is reduced by 40%* in comparison to our conventional model. (*When processing CR-39 or high index lenses.)
  • Integrated Air Duct Deodorization – Incorporating a duct to attach hoses for connecting deodorization equipment and ventilation fans to control the smell during lens processing.
  • High-Precision 3-D Frame Tracer – The LE-1000 incorporates a tracer into the main console, which realizes the world’s smallest footprint. With its user-friendly design, frame setting position can be easily observed during the tracing process.
  • Chuck Pressure Stabilizer – An integrated stabilizer keeps the chuck pressure consistent, without harming lens coatings. The chuck pressure is maintained and stabilized to avoid unnecessary lens distortion and coating damage throughout the edging cycle.
  • Easy Shape Editor – With the LE-1000’s Easy Shape Editor, lens shape width and height can be easily altered. Changing the height of drill mount frames for improved progressive lenses’ layout is easily achieved.
  • Color-Coded Lens Identification – The R/L indicator lamp helps operators to correctly identify right and left lenses in combination with the use of green and red cups.
  • Soft Grinding Mode – The LE-1000 features Soft Grinding Mode for processing slippery super-hydrophobic coated lenses, avoiding axis shift and lens crazing. Our technology of axis stability is outstanding in the industry.