Topcon CL-300 Computerized Lensmeter

Brand: Topcon


The Topcon CL-300 Computerized Lensmeter combines innovative digital lens measurement technology with fast and easy operation.

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$4,900.00 - $5,900.00


The Topcon CL-300 Computerized Lensmeter combines innovative technology with ease-of-use features including progressive lens measurement, a large color LCD monitor, a green light reading beam that enhances measurement precision and a new UV transmittance measurement function. With a new UV Measurement Function, the CL-300 provides comprehensive data to both eyeglass wearers and optometrists. Its compact, ergonomic design and intuitive touch screen panel ensures that measurements can be easily and quickly obtained. Comes with printer. 


  • UV Transmittance Measurement
  • Green Measurement Light Beam
  • Easy and Fast Operation
  • Auto—Mono and Multi Focal Detection
  • LCD Touch Panel
  • Compact Slim Body
  • Fast and Easy Loading of Printer Paper
  • Improved Lens Support