Topcon SL-D701 Slit Lamp (Pre-Owned)

Brand: Topcon


The used Topcon SL-D701 Slit lamp offers ophthalmologists maximum versatility with its ability to be used either with traditional halogen lighting or LED illumination.

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Featuring five levels of magnification and four built-in filters, this used slit lamp can help you perform a variety of ophthalmic exams. Its oblique illumination prevents reflection, while providing excellent clarity, color rendering, and depth of field.

  • Five magnifications: 6X, 10X, 16X 25X, and 40X
  • Use either halogen or LED illumination
  • Four filters include: blue, red-free, amber, 13% transmission ND
  • Unique Blue-Free Filter System™ allows for 1.6x brighter fluorescein observation
  • IR illumination for observation of Meibomian glands