Volk Blumenthal Suturelysis Lens

Brand: Volk


The Volk Blumenthal Suturelysis lens is designed for laser removal of sutures on the ocular surface.

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The Volk Blumenthal Suturelysis lens features a unique tip designed to alleviate compressive force on the cornea for visualizing and removal of deep-seated sutures thus decreasing patient discomfort. The tip of the lens magnifies the sutures 2-3 times to facilitate visualization and placement of the laser beam at all sections of the suture. 

Comes with single lens case. Please allow 6 weeks for delivery for lenses with engravings.

Volk Product ID: VBSL


  • Unique tip allows visualization of deep-seated sutures
  • Tip provides a high magnification view of the suture structures
  • Unique tip alleviates compressive force on the ocular surface
  • Ideal for efficient suturelysis procedures


  • Image Mag: 2x-3x
  • Laser Spot: .50x-.33x