Volk H-R Wide Field Lens

Brand: Volk


The Volk H-R Wide Field lens gives the widest field of view of the retina, from the posterior pole to the ora serrata.

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A part of our H-R series of laser lenses, the H-R wide field provides the widest field of view spanning the retinal from the posterior pole all the way out to the ora serrata. This lens is perfect for diagnosis and treatment of peripheral and far peripheral retinal defects such as peripheral retinal tears and retinal detachments. The small lens body with an 24.8 mm lens ring and 21.7 mm lens height makes it a nimble lens, leaving the doctor ample space between the patient’s eye and the laser for focusing and manipulation. Despite the smaller lens size, the contact surface is designed carefully to provide optimum stability on the patient’s cornea while ensuring patient comfort. The optical design of the H-R series provides bright, high resolution views that are distortion free even at the periphery.    

Comes with single lens case. Please allow 6 weeks for delivery for lenses with engravings.

Volk Product ID: VHRWF


  • Wide-field distortion free viewing of the retina
  • Perfect for diagnosis and treatment of mid-far peripheral retinal defects
  • H-R series of lenses: Made with higher grade eliminates chromatic aberrations resulting in bright, High-Resolution imaging
  • Small lens body allows easier manipulation


 Field of View Image Magnification Laser Spot Magnification
160°/165° 0.50x 2.0x