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Pattern Scanning Laser for Safer and More Efficient Glaucoma & Retina Treatments

A laser with advanced pattern scanning technology delivers multiple treatment spots with your choice of various preset patterns. In addition to the undeniable benefit of faster treatments for both patient and doctor, other key benefits of a pattern scanning laser include:
  • Increased patient comfort, less pain, and reduced complications
  • Less risk of eye movement for maximum safety
  • Impressive results for complex treatments with less damage to visual fields
  • Improved clinic flow and overall efficiency
  • Better treatment outcomes with little to no collateral damage when combined with SP-Mode®
LIGHTMED’s TruScan Pro is the industry’s first and fastest pattern scanning laser console with 4 wavelengths. TruScan Pro is equipped with:
  • A wide variety of patterns and spot sizes that range from 50 to 500 microns for easy application of confluent and effective laser shots
  • Treatment patterns that are easily adjustable for shape spacing, 360-degree rotation, and spot separation
  • SP-Mode® Microsecond Laser Technology for long-lasting results
  • Heads Up Display (HUD), the most advanced binocular viewing system displaying all parameters within the field of view
  • Medical Cart for portability between clinics or operating rooms
TruScan Pro offers a large selection of preset scanning patterns to enhance treatment outcomes including: square (2×2, 3×3, 4×4, 5×5), circle, triangle, straight line, curve, triple curve, double arc, triple arc, 1/4 circle arc, 1/2 circle arc, 3/4 circle arc, and equal square spacing (2×2, 3×3, 4×4, 5×5).
Impressively, these laser spots can be delivered in seconds, and physicians have proven that they can perform treatments in a fraction of the time when compared to a conventional laser. For example, physicians can perform Panretinal Photocoagulation (PRP) in minutes, as opposed to using traditional single-spot techniques that require hours and often multiple sessions.   

“The TruScan Pro has really improved the flow of my clinic, and the pattern scanning technology on the laser allows for a more efficient treatment where you can apply multiple spots all at once. I’ve had great results and the patients have demonstrated great tolerance for the treatment with no pain and no discomfort during and after treatment.” – Tarek Alasil, MD

Not only does TruScan Pro provide a comprehensive set of patterns and spot sizes that works faster than any other laser on the market, but it is also unrivaled in its offering of 4 wavelengths in a single compact laser system (532 nm red, 561 nm or 577 nm yellow, 670 nm red and 810 nm infrared). Doctors can customize their console up to 4 wavelengths, providing them with the most clinical versatility of any laser, and allowing them to treat a variety of retinal, glaucoma and macular diseases using the same device.
For more information about how pattern scanning lasers can help you provide safer and more efficient glaucoma and retinal treatments, please contact your local Lombart Territory Manager here.

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