M&S Smart System Standard All-In-One Acuity System

Brand: M&S


Smart System® Standard is a feature-rich computerized visual acuity testing system designed for ease of use and accuracy.

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Designed for ease-of-use and accuracy, the Smart System Standard gives you what you need and expect from a computerized vision testing system:

  • Comprehensive tests for Acuity, Stereo, Red/Green, Letter Contrast, ETDRS and more
  • Complete randomization to avoid memorization
  • A variety of optotypes, including Sloan, Snellen, Allen Symbols.
  • Patient education
  • The Smart System Standard provides a high-tech look for today’s exam room. Provide unparalleled efficiency and impress your patients without compromising exceptional patient care. Can be used effectively in both direct and mirrored exam rooms.


  • Customizable Software
  • Hardware Flexibility
  • Patient Education and Marketing
  • Letter Contrast Sensitivity Testing
  • Glare Testing

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