Marco AT-9 Applanation Tonometer

Brand: Marco

SKU: TO0MA1686

The Marco AT-9 Applanation Tonometer is the perfect complement to for the M3 & M5 slit lamps.

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The Marco AT-9 Applanation Tonometer for the M3 & M5 Ultra M-Series model slit lamps is sleek, trim, and beautifully designed. The AT-9 is the perfect complement to the new Ultra M-Series of slit lamps, and provides us with an important piece of instrumentation.

The AT-9 Applanation Tonometer features smoother rotation and operation which allows for more accurate positioning and approach at the patient cornea.


Slit Lamp Model Tonometer Mounts Ultra M3, Ultra M5
Tonometer Mounts M3 #1688, M5 #1687
Measurement Method Applanation type (observed with left eye on the slit lamp)
Depression Area 7.354mm2
Diameter of Measurement Depression Area 3.06mm
Measurement Range 0 ~ 80mmHg
Minimal Scale 2mmHg
Equation for Conversion from mmHg to kpa 1mmHg = 101325/760Pa = 133.3Pa 100Pa = 0.1kPa