VA-1 Visual Acuity System

Brand: Lombart


The VA-1 Visual Acuity System features a 24-inch LDC screen and multiple ototype selections.

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The VA-1 Acuity System is a comprehensive visual acuity testing solution.


  • Intuitive remote controller
  • Randomization of optotypes
  • Custom sequences can be programmed
  • Memory button: allows instant slide selection of your selected slide
  • High resolution 24” LCD screen: provides optimal brightness for clear presentation of slides


Display: 24 inch WUXGA TFT LCD (1920×1200 pixels)
Brightness: Maximum 300 cd/m2
Dimension & Weight: 568mm (W) x 372mm (H) x 54mm (D), Approx. 4.9Kg
Power Supply: DC 12V 5A
Measuring Distance: 9-26 ft (2.7-8 m)
External Interface: 4x USB, 1x RS-232, 1x Ethernet (10/100)